Of Jackdaw and Nightingale

A little poem I've written a while ago. Hope you'll enjoy it :)

##Of Jackdaw and Nightingale A big black bird sat on the ground and pondered.
'Pon grass so stark, day growing dark.
"Am I content?" He wondered and in his mind he saw a park.
A park so lush, of fruit aplenty.
Where was no rush, all worries were empty.
He sat on the grass, eyes but two slits, and drew a deep breath.
"Yes, I am." He said as the day drew darker still.
"You are what?" Pierced the darkness. A tiny squeal.
What was that? Someone testing his wits? Or should he be afraid of death?
With an open beak he scanned the trail to no success, his effort frail. Everything covered by a veil.
"Oh, Jackdaw. Frightened of me?" came from ahead. And there she appeared, a Nightingale.
"I fear naught." The Jackdaw cawed.
"And do not disturb me. I'm enjoying my peace." But he felt a stir in his heart, soul growing with unease.
"As you wish." The Nightingale crooned and flew away, playful spark in her eye.

A big black bird sat on the ground to ponder.
But it wasn't himself which made him wonder.
In his heart he felt a heat, a feeling he never knew.
Something danced in the wind, mesmerizing and Jackdaw flew.
Floating on the rhythm of melody so sweet. He begun to sing out of the blue.
Caw! Went the bird and the ground was trembling; sending the night back into silence.
"I'm sorry." He felt shame for causing the ending, causing such mess.
"Oh no, please continue." Came joyfully back to his address.
The stir became a coal and that coal became fire. The other voice joined him, 'cept it was much higher.
"I love your singing." Nightingale exclaimed. "Wish I could hear some more, but I would be late."
She thrust into the air. "Goodbye Jackdaw."
He picture her turn, flying away.
And the contentedness was gone. No more lush parks, days only shades of gray from this morning on.
"No, wait! I wish to go with!"
Nightingale stopped. "But it's too far a journey for you Jackdaw. And the sun there is always burning."
Sure of his heart, there was no turning.
"I have to at least try Nightingale!"

And thus they flew, higher and higher. And soon the world knew of their hearts desire.