First post on my new blog

A blog's 'Hello world'

I wanted to start this off somehow, but I don't currently have anything worth posting so at least I'm gonna post this sort of a Hello world of blog posts.

I'm going to tell you what's coming and share a little story from yesterday, so keep reading :D This blog is gonna go through some major changes in the future. A good friend of mine gave me this idea. See I've mostly ever used social media as means to an end, when I needed to contact someone. And this "sharing your thoughts with the internet" never really appeal to me, I like my ideas where they are, in my head. But I'll share some of them with you :)

Right so about that first thing...

The plan

There's xkcd for everything!

I'm studying electrical engineering (which reminds me I have to update About me later) and love prototyping but as I only have a single Arduino, most of my projects end up dismantled just after getting them to half-assedly work :D (maybe it's for the better, the world remembers you for what they can see). But recently I've started learning Fusion 360 and with 3D printing the new projects could look somewhat decent. Maybe.

My love for building stuff comes from my talent for programming, so some of the posts will almost certainly be solely about software. Right now, though, I don't have anything planned. See what languages I use in About me (if it ever gets updated).

However, don't get the impression that this is gonna be some kind of a tech blog.
It's going to be my blog and I'll post what I'm interested in. Meaning you can look forward to some poetry, songs and even sci-fi/fantasy novels and short stories :)

The driving force in setting up a blog were engineering projects though, so it will be a sort of mish mash of stuff. We'll see how it turns out :D

The story

An epic to be sure!

The story is pretty cool. My friend and I went geocaching around where I live. There was this one cache we couldn't have found even if the world had depended on it. That was last summer, but the Fellowship never gives up. So, we've planned to go again in the winter when the foliage would hopefully not obfuscate every possible hiding spot. So, we went yesterday.

Low and behold the cache couldn't have been easier to find :D It was just chilling there beneath a tree, a huge white bucket with a heavy stone on top...

Ain't the end of the story though. Since we found the cache so fast, even though we didn't think we'd find it, the adventure had been improvised. So, we'd decided to go climb this really high hunter tower I remembered from years ago. Spoiler alert: the tower wasn't there. Not only that, my friend was also going to be late to the train station and would have to wait another hour. So, she had the brilliant idea of hitching a car... And it worked :D Surprisingly fast even. We'd only had to wait like ten minutes for a car to stop. Even more surprising was that the car was going in the opposite direction than we needed :D

And don't worry the chances of two serial killers meeting each other are slim to none ;)